Same Question . . . Same Answer!

OK, I normally don’t post about this stuff, but this is stuck in my chest and making it hard for me to breath. Yes, I also know that I need to calm down, cut out the caffeine, and take things a little easier.

Anyway, why do people keep harping on the same thing they have already gotten an answer to. This is especially true about subjects that you can do nothing about!

Case in point. Last week we had an upswing in spam out my office. Nothing huge mind you, but people started getting maybe 10 a day instead of 5. I call that great! But, of course, since there were “offensive” words in the spam people got all bent out of shape. But, this is also just a general upswing. I checked with providers and other sources and found out that many places were experiencing this, that the spam filter guys are reacting, and that it should cycle back down soon. Fine. Good. So, I let everyone at work know this. I sent out an email detailing all of this.

Just as an FYI, we use a triple approach to filtering. First, all of our emails pass through anti-virus and spam filtering via TrendMicro’s products. Second, once to our main mail server, we use a product from Sunbelt Software called “Ninja” to provide additional spam filtering and allow the user to control whitelists and blacklists. Finally, on the desktop, most people are using Outlook or Entourage which has an additional junk mail filter. This can be  pain to maintain, but we get approximately 10,000 emails per day. This system reliable cuts that down to about 1,000. Yes, 90% are junk. Of the 1,000 that then get through, maybe five to ten percent of those are still junk – but they are the hard one. Usually catalogs, mailing lists, and such.

So what do I get today? Four days later? An email from one of the same people ask why spam is still high. They still have increase in spam and, horrors, some of the emails that used to be ok are no going into quarantine. So, let me get this straight, we have experienced a 50% increase in spam over the last week, so you are getting more. But also the spam filters are being more aggressive to get rid of it, and that is inconveniencing you too! Arrggg!!!

And yes, I know I need to be sympathetic. But I also have a hard time being really upset by someone getting ten extra emails per day. Truthfully, is that such a huge thing compared to everything else that is going on?

Until someone invents a total telapathic spam filter; and people quit using their work emails to register for on-line shopping, emails, and contests; and until we stop publishing corporate email addresses on our website, it isn’t going to get much better. And I am getting very tired of repeating this over and over again. I have real work that needs to get done.

OK, rant over. I think I feel better. Sorry if this offended anyone.