Seven Tasty Tales of Terror – A Review of Echoes in Darkness

Echoes in Darkness is Echoes In Darknessthe perfect collection of spine tingling (or stomach twisting) tales for the Halloween season, although actually I would be more than happy to read them any time. The authors of these tales are Angela Amman, Mandy Dawson, Cameron D Garriepy, Kameko Murakami, Kate Shrewsday, Andra Watkins, and Elizabeth Yon. The seven stories here range from the psychological thriller to parental betrayal to the more standard ghost story, but they will all creep into the dark corners of your mind and take up residence there. They will come back out and haunt you when you see an innocent little girl or go to listen to your iPod or even read the classified ads. The stories and styles are all different, but what joins them all together is the talent of the authors. The seven women who weave these tales all have a way with words and know how to use them to their best advantage.

I must admit that I count a few of the contributors as friends, but regardless of that I would highly recommend Echoes in Darkness to all interested in a good read. And consider these tales but appetizers – most of these women have full course books already out or coming out soon that will fulfill your desire for more of what you have tasted here. Do yourself a favor and belly up to this tasty sampling.

Oh, and boo!