Should I move into Starbucks?

Other than the fact that I really don’t like coffee, at least not in its hot form, this doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Although in my area I may vote for the Atlanta Bread Company over Starbucks just to shorten the commute. What the heck am I talking about? I am talking about using places with open wireless connectivity as remote offices.

On SlashDot today, PetManimal writes “The laptop and wireless revolutions have led to the rise of a new class of digital ‘Bedouins’ — tech workers who ply their crafts from Starbucks and other locations with WiFi access. Another article describes some strategies and tools for embracing the Bedouin way of life, and even having fun: ‘If you have the right kind of job, you can take vacations while you’re on the clock. In other words, you can travel for fun and adventure and keep on working. You can travel a lot more without needing more official vacation time. I’ve done it. In August I took a month long vacation to Central America, backpacking from one Mayan ruin to the next, and I never officially took time off. I submitted my columns, provided reports and other input, participated in conference calls and interacted via e-mail. I used hotel Wi-Fi connections and local cybercafes to communicate and Skype to make business calls. Nobody knew I was sunburned, drinking from a coconut and listening to howler monkeys as I replied to their e-mails.'”