Stop The Insanity!

I sure hope the results of today’s voting in Pennsylvania will give some closure to the Democratic ticket. I doubt that it will, but I could be wrong. It is no secret that I am an Obama supporter, but at this point the desire to see a Democrat in office is starting to take charge. If the debate we saw last week is any indication of what will happen if the contest between Obama and Clinton goes on much longer, we run the risk of throwing the election.Vote

Every snipe back and forth between Obama and Clinton only gives ammunition to the Republicans. In addition, Obama has run as the candidate of hope and change. Those are the main reasons I and many others are behind him. But as this contest drags on and gets more bitter he is drawn in to the old ways of mudslinging and nitpicking. And it is perfect for John McCain, because he is not the one doing it. So come the general election if Obama is the Democratic candidate then the Republicans can point out these actions as proof that there is no hope for change.

Hillary Clinton has shown that she wants to win at all costs. If Barack Obama slips into that same sentiment then we are finished. First he must hold on to those values of hope and change. If he lets go of them for the “win at all costs attitude”, then he and we are lost already.