Story Circles and Lines – Courtesy of Cameron

The Story CircleFirst I have to publically thank Cameron Garriepy for letting my insanity infiltrate her website.  She kindly let me kick off her June Story Circle. This is a series where one person, in this case me, writes the first part, a second person writes the next part, and so on. The fourth part of the series, to be published on the fourth Monday of June, will bring this piece of short fiction to a close. The interesting thing is that while I wrote the first part I have no idea how it will end or even who will write the ending. So stay tuned, I am in for as much as a ride as you!

Cameron is a delightful person and author of some excellent books and stories. You owe it to yourself to check out her work and her postings on sites such as Google+. She is also managing editor at Write on Edge. One of the great things about having friends like Andra Watkins is that they introduce you to other great people like Cameron. People who will put up with wackos like me.

And for those of you still reading here instead of jumping over to Cameron's site, the story begins….

There is a line runs round the world. Place to place, nation to nation, never crossing, never doubling back on itself. No, this isn’t the Equator you are thinking of, or the Tropic of Cancer, or any of those other man-made lines, this is more of a path. A path that has existed for longer than man remembers and grows and changes as each new city emerges or village fades from the map. It connects them all and leads one to another. Some say the beginning lies in Heaven and the end lies in Hell.

But tune in to Cameron's site for the rest of the story.