System Note – WordPress Upgrade

Just a brief system note that I have upgraded this blog to WordPress version 2.6. Not a huge difference that readers will see, but some good stuff behind the scenes for people like me who administer blogs. If you are a blog owner running WordPress, you owe it to yourself to check out the new version 2.6 and what it has to offer such as theme previews, WIKI style revision tracking, and separation of enabled and disabled plugins. WordPress has also started some initial development with Google’s Gears technology to implement a “Local Server” to cache or keep a copy of commonly-used Javascript and CSS files on your computer.

A warning – back up your site before doing this or any other upgrade. I have heard of a few people having problems with this upgrade. Most of those issues involve some cookie problems and perhaps Internet Explorer’s cache. I did not have any of those issues, but be forewarned and make sure you have a good backup.

Anyway, now back to our regularly scheduled program. And please let me know your experiences with this upgrade, both from a reader and a blogger viewpoint!