The Songs I Sing – Day #5

I like today’s exercise a lot better than yesterday. Less introspection and more music! According to the list today I need to share about the “10 songs you love right now.” Being partially a data analyst in my day Most Recently Played Songs from iTunesjob, of course the first thing I did was go pull a report from iTune of my most played songs in the recent past. That is a pretty good list! But, I will need to edit it a bit to make it the songs I “love”. Why? Because although I have selected a group of songs for a playlist in iTunes, I have it on shuffle. That means that some I like may rank higher up that ones I really love. Just the luck of the draw. So, here goes.

First off, I am actually going to put Frank Turnerir?t=palmettobugdigit&l=ur2&o=1 over Mumford & Sons. We will get to them in a minute. But Frank Turner is a very new discovery of mine. I heard his song “Recovery” on the radio, went home and listened to a bit more, and was hooked. Within the next day or so I had bought the last five of  his albums.  I like the folksy nature of this ex-punk rocker, and I think he brings something of that punk sensibility to the folk music. But what really keeps bringing me back is the lyrics. He has some phrases that just catch me and hook me on the song.  So, for our first three songs out of ten, I will go with these tunes from Frank Turner….

1) Frank Turner – The Way I Tend to Be

2) Frank Turner – Losing Days

3) Frank Turner – Recovery

Next we have to turn to Mumford & Sons. How could we not? There is nothing negative to say about them, except that maybe we need another album. Hopefully, please, I will get to see them in September. So here we have 4 and 5 by Mumford & Sonsir?t=palmettobugdigit&l=ur2&o=1.

4) Mumford & Sons – White Blank Page

5) Mumford & Sons – Lover’s Eyes

Ok, next up is a group that most people haven’t heard of. Honestly I cannot remember how I ran across Dawesir?t=palmettobugdigit&l=ur2&o=1, but again, I became an instant fan both because of the music and the lyrics. And they too will be in the area soon, so hopefully I will see them in October.

6) Dawes – Moon in the Water

and this one, at #8, also by Dawes sounds completely different. The last 2 minutes, really from about minute 4:10 or so really remind me of some good classic southern guitar work.

7) Dawes – My Way Back Home

This is getting hard. Not because I can’t find songs I like, but because I have to weed some out!  However lets go with …

8) Band of Horses – Funeral

And to switch veins a little bit again, we go to Milo Greene. Now I will tell you that to really appreciate this work, you should listen to the entire album in order. It is really one long concept piece.  Great stuff. But for one song, let’s do:

9) Milo Greene – Silent Way

Finally, and I really hate getting to the end we have ….  It really hurts me now to list only ten! If you don’t think I am totally out of touch and would like to know more about what I listen to, and watch, go over and subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can see what I like there, what I watch, and even the few videos that I post. (No, not all of them are trains.)

Oh, sorry, number ten is a favorite in a different arena. I will tell you, at first Florence + The Machineir?t=palmettobugdigit&l=ur2&o=1 may strike you as odd, but very quickly you will find yourself drawn in. Her voice is simply amazing and the lyrics gather meaning with each repeated listening. So, here you have it,

10) Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out

So there you have it! All ten. Please let me know if you know some good music that I should be listening to – especially if it is out fo the mainstream.