What’s Been Going On?

I realized I had been bad about posting, but I didn’t have a grasp of just how bad. No post since the 17th is just unforgivable. But, since I don’t have to ask for forgiveness from anyone I will just carry on.

First a short car update – not much going on. I have bought some new seats from a guy out in California but they haven’t gotten here yet. They are not the greatest, but I got them for a good price and hopefully they will see me through. I have all the parts to fix the shift lever and now I just need to spend some time under the car getting that done. I also need to take care of the exhaust leak. Again, I ordered the parts I need so now I just need to get to it.

On other fronts, since this blog is supposed to be about more than just cars, we just went through the holiday season of Christmas and New Years. For that week between the two we all got sick. Yup, everyone got bad colds. Nancy got the worst of it and was really knocked out the entire time. Other than the illness we had a great time though. I got some fantastic gifts from family and friends, but more importantly I had a blast giving people stuff. I only wish I had even more money so I could give lots more presents!

Here are just a few Christmas pictures. First, our Christmas tree….

Christmas Tree

The next few are from when Christina and I went downtown on Christmas eve. It was a nice day…


Then there are the dogs begging for cookies.


And finally Tink with her new Christmas hedgehog and Nancy and Colin Christmas morning.


It is January now, and I am back at work. The kids go back to school tomorrow morning. We had some friends who didn’t fare so well last year, but for us 2006 was a good one. I didn’t even manage to put myself in the hospital or emergency room. So, for all of you who were with us then and are with us still, thanks. We look forward to seeing more of you in 2007.

Oh, by the way, what I am listening to right now – Getting Smaller from the album “With Teeth” by Nine Inch Nails.

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