Working In A Coal Mine – Exercise #23

Now that I have finished harassing people with plastic shoe fetishes, we can get back to the thirty-one days of blogging exercises. Today’s task is to tell you about my dream job. I have always kept this one to myself Underwood Typewritera bit, or at least I tried to for some reason, but my real goal in life was to be a writer. That is why I was an English major so many years ago, and why even when doing computer work I have kept my hand in writing articles and technical reviews.

The written word is fascinating to me. The language, the way it works, the meanings, and the sound that sing around inside your head are all magic. When I went off to college I had a hard time deciding whether to go into computers or literature. I applied at different colleges that specialized in each, and even when I made my decision and went to the College of Charleston I switched my major back and forth a few times. I ended up graduating with a English degree, but by a round about way earned my living with computers. Over the past 25 years or so computers have been good to me. I have educated myself and then gotten extra training. I have worked hard and earned my way up through support and programming to project management, development and even teaching. But I still miss writing. At one point along the way I even started classes towards my master’s degree in English, but stopped due to life, work and other distractions.

So I can’t say the choice has been anything other than mine. As I said, computing has been good to me, and I have earned a good living in the field. Not a problem there. But if you ask me what my dream job is, what I would rather be doing, what I would like to see myself doing as I get older, it is writing. That is one of the main reasons I have been doing this blasted thirty-one days of blogging exercises. The writer’s mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised, and unfortunately I have not been visiting the scrivener’s gym nearly as much as I should.

Second to the exercise, I am a goal (and deadline) oriented person. Unless I am working towards something definitive and that thing has a due date, I will just never get to it. Again, another reason that these exercises have been good for me. But they are not what I want to write – they are a way to work on the discipline to get there. So after this thirty-one days is over I will continue to work on my writing and continue to post here, but I will also be looking for a concrete goal more in the area of what I really want to write.

So there you go, my dream job. Writing!