31 Days of Crap – Post #2

OK, so this is day #2 of a 31 day exercise that started yesterday. If you want to start at the beginning you can read part #1 here. Unfortunately today’s exercise is explicating “20 Facts About You.” With that “You” being “Me”. Here we go. Some maybe interesting, some may be boring, but there will be twenty.Cigar Cat

  1. I am a Southern boy. I was born in the South, raised in the South, and have always lived in the South. But most people would say my day to day viewpoints don’t match up to the stereotype of the “Southern Male”. I don’t like NASCAR, hunting, fishing or football. I do like Le Mans, theater, model railroading and soccer.
  2. And to continue that thought,  I don’t like sweet tea, watermelon or pecan pie.
  3. My ears are different shapes. Well and so are my legs but that is my fault for breaking my right leg twice and then dropping a motorcycle on it.
  4. I am an alumni of the College of Charleston.
  5. I am definitely Mac person, though Window 7 isn’t too bad.
  6. iOS is superior to Android in my opinion. And Windows mobile and Blackberry are just pathetic.
  7. I have never seen Titanic. I hope never to do so.
  8. I have seen most all of Gone with The Wind, but not at one time.
  9. I was raised a Baptist but am now a Unitarian Universalist.
  10. I love cilantro, but I hate almost all green veggies – like lettuce.
  11. Cigars are a passion – though I honest don’t smoke that many.
  12. My first car was an MG, and there has rarely been a time since when I haven’t had a British car.
  13. Yes, I usually sleep with my iPhone. I know it is a sickness.
  14. My daughter is partially named after English poet Christina Rossetti. Did I say I was an English lit major?
  15. My son has the same initials as me, my father, and my grandfather – “C.M.C.”.
  16. I was the “tech” part of the web development partnership DesignTechWeb that is no more.
  17. Yes, I have eaten a 54oz prime rib in one sitting. Complete with sides, rum, and a cigar.
  18. Three favorite books: Neverwhere, The Great Gatsby, The Time Traveler’s Wife
  19. Among others, I have met and talked to Jimmy Buffett, Whoopi Goldberg, Pat Conroy, and Michael Rutherford.
  20. I don’t watch much television, but when I do I prefer Doctor Who, Top Gear and  The Big Bang Theory.

Ok, that was an awful lof of odd stuff that you probably don’t care about!