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To Live Forever – A Novel By Andra Watkins

Finally, finally, finally. The book To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis by my buddy Andra Watkins is now available. I have watched the creation of [..]

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Blame It On Andra

I stared upward at the motionless ceiling fan. A faint glow filtered in the open bedroom door from the nightlight in the hall and reflected down off the [..]

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Stillness by Rick Bragg

Ok, this is kind of cheating to post this on my train site, but it is a great essay and really brings back the memory of trains from [..]

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31 Days of Crap – Post #2

OK, so this is day #2 of a 31 day exercise that started yesterday. If you want to start at the beginning you can read part #1 here. [..]

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Emergency Shutoff For The Brain

Brains should come with an off switch so that when you don’t want to dwell on something any longer you can turn off and quit thinking about it. [..]

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