Emergency Shutoff For The Brain

Jumbled DrawersBrains should come with an off switch so that when you don’t want to dwell on something any longer you can turn off and quit thinking about it. Instead, the worst most troubling visions imbed themselves in your head and won’t get out. Closing your eyes and trying to shut the visions out just blocks off everything else so those horrifying sights and ideas have even more of your thoughts to dwell in.

Like the jumbled drawer when you are only wanting a sock. Or a tie-tack. And the damned drawer full of sentimental items you have kept to long smacks you full on. Pulling your attention to the old picture of a long lost pet, or the gift from your mom who passed away over 20 years ago, or the friendship that you thought was forever and turned out to be only for worse. And heartache. Aches and stirrings that you though were long gone, healed over by time, surface again and grab you emotions. Need to clean out that draw. And turn off the brain. And learn to just let things go. But they all seem to have threads attached …

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