A Run of Bad Luck

So I definitely got on the wrong side of the karma. In the past few days I have lost my trunk key – with my trunk locked, had the freezer’s fuse blow thereby spoiling everything in it, and received a few unexpected bills in the mail. Geez! Is it all my political comments or what?

Luckily I have gotten some good advice about breaking into my own trunk, so I am off to try that. No way to bring the stuff in the freezer back, but at least there were no dead bodies in there. And as for the unexpected bill… guess I am just going to have to pay them.

Only good news has been that I think I am going to be sent to Boston for a few days in mid-April. That should be fun. It is a work trip, but the evenings will be free. I really enjoyed myself up there last May, so I am looking forward to this. Bet it will still be cold in April though….