What’s Your Number?

OK, so a lot of people, like me, think that you shouldn’t use cell phones while driving. Others insist on their need to do so. My solution is this – if you are going to use your cell phone while driving then you must post your phone number on your car so we can call to tell you when you are driving like an idiot. If you are going 30 miles per hour in the left hand land on the interstate, I want to be able to ring you up an tell you to move your distracted butt over! If you are so busy talking that you are running off the side of the road, I should be able to call you up and tell you to Wake Up! Seems a small price to pay for your freedom of endangering our roads. And hey, if you drive perfectly well while on the phone then you will never get that call telling you to quit typing on the BlackBerry while trying to merge into traffic.

Oh, and for those who care, my wife found my lost car keys. It sucks getting old . . .