Great Smoke at the Smoking Lamp

Fuerte by Done Diego This is one of the new Fuerte line by Don Diego. It is a fine burning smoke from Nicaragua that is full bodied but not overpowering. One thing I liked about it was that even though I lit it unevenly, it took care of that all by itself. It evened out the burn into a nice straight burn and never went crooked again. No relight or touchup necessary.

And what could be better than enjoying it in the company of my friends at The Smoking Lamp? I have known Lola for years. And Debbie and Lindsay are wonderful too! If you didn’t see the article that Ken Burger of the Charleston Post & Courier wrote about pipes, with a nice interview with Lola, you really should read it.

Back to the cigar though, this line is fairly new, but I think it will do well. This torpedo was reasonably price at about $6.50 and lasted for nearly two hours. Not quite in the “value priced cigar” category, but really close. And at $6.50 you could afford to smoke it fairly often without driving yourself broke.