I Am So Tired Of Bush

Can’t we get this guy out of office any sooner? What has me ticked off now is his call for off shore oil drilling to be resumed. He has said that the prohibitions are outdated and counter productive. Sorry, not they aren’t, you are! With rising gas prices he said, “families across the country are looking to Washington for a response.” Agreed, they are. But this destroying our environment isn’t the response they want.

Beyond the environmental issue, I think this is the wrong move for two reasons. First, if oil drilling does resume it would not have any affect on oil prices for a very long time. How fast do you think they can get oil rigs in place, set up, and pumping to the refineries? Probably a year or more. Sorry Mr. Bush, you will be out of office by then.

Second, I firmly believe this has more to do with getting money to his Texas oil buddies than helping out any of us little folk who pay the bills. In fact, if I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say that this entire situation leading up to the high gas prices was created by the Bush Buddies specifically to increase profits and lead up to letting them drill off-shore and perhaps even in the Alaskan wilderness.

Why not, instead of using the money to drill, use that money to fund alternative energy sources and more efficient methods of transportation? Not only would this help the energy needs in the long term, but it would also help with global warming. Even if you are one of the flat-earth disbelievers, at least these alternative sources would decrease foreign oil dependency which is one of the main reasons Bush wants drilling allowed.

I will tell you why not, because Bush and his Buddies don’t stand to profit from it. Just like the fact that if they end the war, the defense contractors will make less money (Cheney Chaps) and unemployment will go up as all the soldiers and reservists head home. Can’t have any of that now can we?

Sorry, but the November elections can’t come soon enough. January 20th will be a very happy day for a lot of people.

Anbody Nervous?

The Pentagon is planning on shooting down one of our own satellites. Does this make anybody else nervous? According to Reuters, “President George W. Bush opted for a plan to have the Navy shoot the 5,000-pound minivan-sized satellite with a modified tactical missile, after security advisers suggested its reentry could lead to a loss of life.”

Military officials hope to strike the satellite...

OK, all of that is fine and well, but what makes me nervous is the next statement. Note, the emphasis on a certain word is mine. “Military officials hope to strike the satellite just before it reaches the atmosphere and drive it into ocean waters.” That doesn’t sounds like the voice of confidence to me.

They “hope” to strike the satellite. Well what happens if they miss? Sure they can have a second shot, but where is the first shot going? Does it just continue to journey on into outer space to finally hit some poor unsuspecting planet or inter-space traveler? Isn’t that like shooting your guns in the air without reasoning out where the bullets will fall? And if it does hit someone else out there, might that not piss them off? Are we now declaring war on unknown species out in the galaxy?

OK, so it doesn’t go to outer space, it falls back down. Great, now we have both a dying satellite and a rogue missile to deal with. Sounds just great. How much you want to make a bet that the wayward missile is set to fall back to earth somewhere harmless – like the Democratic convention or a Hillary Clinton rally? OK, maybe not. I really am not a conspiracy theory guy. It will probably just hit a school or nursery. Or Darfur. Bush would love that to be off of his doorstep.

Where is Will Smith or Bruce Willis when you need them? I bet one of those guys could go up in a fighter jet and shoot this thing down. This has all the makings of next seasons best reality show. Kind of a combination of the classic Battleship game and ballistic lawn darts.