Hosting Site Move – Can You Feel The Earth Shake?

After many years with a different hosting company, performance was just slowing down to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore. Homesite MoveSo, as of about 6pm EST today, this site now resides on BlueHost.

I have been putting new client websites on BlueHost for quite a while, and I have been recommending them to anyone who asks. But moving over my own site has always been a task I was trying not to tackle. Beyond this “” site that you are on and see right here, there are lots of files and test domains and development areas that are hidden behind the scenes. Well, it finally got bad enough that I to make the move. No way around it.

I still have a few of those backroom areas to move, but for what you, the web viewing public, normally sees – it is done. Please let me know if you see any glitches – mail not getting delivered, missing pictures, or news articles not appearing in the feeds.  I would really appreciate the help.

And if you need a good host for your WordPress site please check out BlueHost. I am quite happy with them for my site currently and for all of the work I have done for others. But rest assured, if something goes wrong, you will be among the first to know.

Great Web Hosting on the Cheap

You can read my full post on my investigation into web hosts, but what it boils down to for a lot of people – right or wrong – is cost. So how about this? You can get a deal on hosting at my recommended internet host, DreamHost, for half price. For less that you would pay at the not-so-highly rated guys, you can get a full year’s hosting from the provider that I and many other techies ranked the best.

So here it is – if you enter the code PALMETTOBUG when you register for your hosting at DreamHost, you will save 50% on your first year’s hosting! That’s it. It is that simple. That code will bring the per month cost down to less that $4.99. Again, just use promo code PALMETTOBUG for those savings.