Working with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iTunes

Just a quick pointer to those of you using the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iTunes. And for those of you who know and / or care, I ordered my iPhone today from AT&T! The rep at the store, who was very friendly and helpful, said that they are told to tell people 14 to 21 days to come in, but that he expects it to be more like 5 to 10 days. Total price with tax and such was just over $213. And now I wait…

But anyway, for those of you who store your music and videos in iTunes and want to know how to back it all up, Apple has posted an article on just how to do so. iTunes 7 offers a new way to back up your iTunes library, playlists, and iTunes Store purchases (including Applications purchased from the App Store) for safekeeping. The Back Up to Disc feature saves your media to a blank disc (CD or DVD) and once backed up, iTunes can use your backup disc(s) to automatically restore your iTunes library. If you have iTunes 5 or 6, click here. Note that this is for both Windows and Mac computers.

I don’t need to tell you that you should be backing up your entire computer and all of your documents, but if you want to know just how to backup iTunes, this is a great article. But please, backup everything. External hard drives are quite inexpensive these days and make backing up quick, easy, and painless. For a few examples of them, look here or here.

The other article for you Apple users out there is one on how to synchronize Microsoft Entourage, Mac Office’s Outlook counterpart, with your iPhone or iPod Touch. I have posted that full article on my site at MacDeveloper website. So, if you are using Entourage and want to sync up, be sure to check that one out.

Find that pesky song

You know that song that keeps going through your mind? No you don’t do you? That is the problem, the tune or words keep going through your mind, but you just don’t know the name of the song. In my case it is a song that I keep hearing on the radio but the annoying DJs never tell me who performed the music or what the title of the track is. Now there is a solution.

midomi music finding serviceI just stumbled across a Midomi. It is so simple that it is amazing that it works. You simply go to the site, click on the button and then sing some of the song that you know or hum the tune. Midomi will then search its database and tell you what the song is. Of course, so that they can provide this service and earn some money, they will then off your the opportunity to buy the song, videos, and such by linking directly to the iTunes music store.

Now honestly I had mixed results with the service. Obviously it works better the clearer your singing or humming and the longer you can do it for. At least 10 seconds is required for any kind of read at all. I also found that the more popular the tune you are searching for the more likely the service is to find it. Whether this is a factor of the accuracy of their database or due to the linking to iTunes, I have no idea.

The coolest thing though, at least in my mind, is that the service can be used from the new iPhone – if, unlike me, you are lucky enough to have gotten one. That being the case, you can just pull Midomi up on your iPhone, hold it up to the radio for a short while, and then have it tell you what the song is that is playing. Now that is cool.

So, if you want to get that song out of your head and on to your iPod or MP3 player, give Midomi a shot. Then please come back here and let us know how it worked for you. Tell me, did it find your music?