Picture This – Exercise #26

Oh no! We have a problem. Low Country Parrott HeadToday’s exercise, number twenty-six out of thirty-one, call for an old picture of myself. The problem is that I am out-of-town and I really don’t have access to any. So instead of going way, way back I am only going to go back to the mid-1990s.

What we have here is a picture from the Charleston Post & Courier. In 1997 I got on TV and in the local newspaper because of my Parrot Head exploits. Click here to check out the newspaper article. 1997 was also the year I helped form the Lowcountry Parrot Head Club.  I am not really involved anymore, but the club is still going strong.

The parrot head clubs are loosely fan club for Jimmy Buffett and his music. But really more than that they are social clubs with a civic mission. The clubs do lots of projects for the communities they are in such as fund raisers for the SPCA, highway cleanups, and of course parties. There is far more involved with being a member of the club than just listening to music and attending concerts. But those components are in there too.
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Jimmy Buffett Returns To The Carolinas

Margaritaville in CharlestonYes, I am a huge parrot head. I have been going to Buffett concerts for nearly 30 years now and have been a fan of his music for even longer. Hopefully he will come closer to Charleston, but right now the closest date is in Charlotte, North Carolina. I bought my tickets today. It has been a while since I bought lawn seats, but hey, I can still hang with the lawn crowd!

And while you are at it, please check out my Parrot Head Page. Fins Up!