It's A Question Of Motivation

I have a question for all you masses out there – at least the one or two of you who actually read this blog. How do you get motivated? Is there a secret to motivating yourself? When you have some work to do, maybe you will enjoy it or maybe you won’t, how do you kick yourself in the butt to get up and get the process moving?

I have tried caffeine, but sometimes that just makes me ignore things faster.

I have tried talking to myself, but I ignore myself as much as everyone else does.

I have even tried bribing myself, but that usually doesn’t work as I just hit myself over the head, take the money, and run.

So, what works for you? What do you do to get yourself moving and taking care of those things that just need to get done?

(Oh, and by the way, I was too lazy to come up with an image for this post. Sorry.)

Mindless Zombies

OK, maybe not mindless, but at least very, very calm. Ever since I started taking the Lexapro that my doctor prescribed for me I have been a much different person. At least that is what my family is saying. Word is that I have been much calmer, slower to anger, and less reclusive. But, there is a downside to that. The thing that I have noticed is that while I may not be as anxious or quick to get upset over small things, I have also lost some of my drive.

Lurch - Mindless ZombieA year or two ago, at the urging of my family, my doctor tried to put me on an anti-anxiety medication – I don’t remember if it was Lexapro or some other. I didn’t stay on it very long for the reason that I lost almost all my urges to do anything. And I am not just talking about sex here, I am talking about the desire to write, to read, to play, to do most anything. I felt like a jellyfish.

Now this time it doesn’t feel so bad. Yes, I have seen a dramatic decrease in my drive. But I have also seen an increase in my attention span and my consideration. I am just simply not a frantic, angry person. Of course having a different blood pressure medication is also helping. My goal right now though is to get some of my motivation back. I need to be able to lose the anxiety and stress without forgoing the drive and detirmination. So I am trying to write down more goals, use my friends and family as reminders of those goals, and basically just get my self back into it.

Tell you what though, I really am seeing things more clearly now. I am a bit ashamed that it took medication to remove some of the clouding from my eyes, but at least it was removed. And I am a much happier person for it!