Nonprofit Boot Camp

As many of you know, I am one of the founding partners of the Palmetto Technology Hub, or PATHPATH’s mission is to provide technology support and resources to the South Carolina lowcountry not-for-profit community.

Non-Profit Boot Camp

Now, after a year of work, we are proud to invite you to join us at The Charleston Place Hotel on June 30, 2011, for a day of technology, learning, and solutions geared towards the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.  BOOT Camp will feature speakers from Google and local techies with helpful information for your nonprofit and introduction to free tools, with ideas on how to best utilize them.

Did I mention the delicious food?  How about the classic Charleston venue?  Or the wonderful networking experience?

We are still working on the details for the afternoon sessions based on your input. Planning to attend and have a specific topic you hope we’ll cover? Please fill out our survey here.  We’re accepting input until May 1st.

Registration is currently available for nonprofits. (Please limit registration to two staff per organization so the maximum number of nonprofits can benefit).  Space permitting, we will open it to the general public after May 20th.

Early Nonprofit Registration (before 5/20): $20
Late Nonprofit (after 5/20) and Open Registration: $30

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I Like To Get Things Started

When I was a sophomore in college I bought my first car, a 1971 MGBGT. I loved that car. When I was younger I swore that my first car wasn’t going to be some big ugly clunker, but something that I really wanted. And I really wanted that MG. The picture here isn’t of my car, but it is exactly what mine looked like, color and all.

MGB GT 1971Much to everyone’s amazement, I got the MG. And I was devoted to it. And like most old cars do, it broke down. Now I had enough money at that time to make my car payment and buy gas, but I really didn’t have enough money for repair bill. So after getting it repaired, thanks dad, and it breaking down again I figured out that I was going to have to learn to fix it myself. There was only one problem though; I had no idea how to work on cars. Even then I was a budding computer geek – without much mechanical ability at all.
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Podcast Episode 002: Talking Twitter – Part 2

The Social Media Monster PodcastThis episode is the second half of my talk at the Charleston County Public Library’s Small Business and Not-For-Profit Networking Lunch on April 13, 2010. The slides for this presentation are also online in a previous post. This talk was recorded live, hence the difference in quality and volume between myself and the people asking questions.

Resources Mentioned

I hope you enjoyed the presentation and the resources provided. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about what you would like from future episodes of this podcast, please just email, leave a comment, or call the listener line at 843.628.6379.

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