Oxford Diecast London Transport Tram

Just today got a shipping notice from Hattons in the UK that his little gem is shipping. Of course if I am going to use a London Tram, I am going to have to do a little British layout. All we have is a drawing so far though, so I have absolutely no idea what the real item looks like. I will be sure to post a photo as soon as I can.

NTR001 London Transport Tram

This is N-scale and unpowered, but that is about the extent of the information. Hopefully it will be fairly easy to retrofit a powered chassis such as the maybe the Kato 11-03?

OK, and so then we have to move to the subject of a British outline layout. Of course I have always planned on doing this in OO, but maybe I should do it N? What do you think?

British Railway Modeller 2011

Look what I found at Books-A-Million a few days ago! Ok, it was more like month ago, but I just got around to posting it here. I have never seen the Railway Modeller Annual before, but it is gorgeous. And when I flipped it open there was a picture of a layout with an Austin Healey 3000 on it. Does life get any better?

Railway Modeller Annual 2011
Railway Modeller Annual 2011