TI LaunchPad, Relays and Rail In Action

More fun with the Texas Instrument’s Launchpad! But sorry, but not mine. This belongs to Model Rail Radio contributor and great RR guy Terry Terrance. Terry has been working late tonight to put together a diorama for he Streetsville Junction NMRA Regional this weekend. He has a TI LaunchPad controlling the back ‘n forth shuttle of an On30 loco across the diorama. Pretty simple, but it could be expanded to arbitrary complexity to include automatic routing, etc. Terry saus he made one error in the narration – the relays are SPDT not SPST. The two SPDT relays are wired as a DPDT and are thrown simultaneously by the LaunchPad. Here’s a video of it in action.


I am hoping to build something like this soon, and I will update this blog as I make some progress. Basically I would like to automate the EuroNook that I started building in an earlier post. Whether I will use the LaunchPad to control it or maybe the Raspberry Pi has yet to be seen. Actually I was thinking that if I design the interfacing correctly I could swap the control mechanism between totally manual, LaunchPad, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or maybe even JMRI just depending on what I hook up.