Up For Debate

Tonight is another big night. Probably not as big as last Thursday, but it should still be interesting. I am referring of course to the Obama – McCain debate from Nashville this evening. The community forum style is supposed to be McCain’s strong point, but I really have to wonder about that. If he show the same sort of smugness and aloofness that he exhibited during the first debate then he could have real problems.

Barack Obama and John BidenIt seems to me that McCain, and certainly Sarah Palin, tend to respond to questions with pre-packaged stump speeches. They do this instead of actually answering the questions. If John McCain does this tonight with people who are going to ask pointed and hard-hitting questions, then he is going to have real problems. He must be sincere, answer the questions, and not be belligerent or his campaign will sink farther down than it already his.

For his part, Barack Obama needs to open up a bit, be less academic, and come across as not only smart but someone who cares about all people. He needs to strongly make his case that the middle class has been footing the bill for big business for far too long, and that it is the sons and daughters of that same middle class that are being sent off to fight and die in foreign lands. Fight and die primarily for the failed policies of the Bush administration and for oil that goes to profit the big business that are robbing us blind. If he can make that case in a sincere and straightforward manner, then he could wrap up the race tonight.

Here is hoping that the latter is what happens. We need change and change of the right sort. We need to put the concerns of the middle and lower classes back in the White House, and Barack Obama is the candidate to do that.