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Obama's First Week

I will tell you, I am impressed. There has been a lot of signing this last week. Now some will say that a lot of what President Barack [..]

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President Barack Obama's Inauguration Address

It is no mystery that I am a great fan of our new president. In addition, I though his inauguration speech was wonderful both in words and delivery. [..]

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Free Obama Yes We Did Sticker

In celebration of the victory of Hope and Change in this year’s presidential election, you can get a free Barack Obama sticker. Read more »

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Politics At The Office

Talk about pushing the limits! I got this email from one of the directors at the office where I currently work. Below it you can read my response. [..]

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Top Five Reasons Why Sarah Palin Is Dangerous

There, I said it. Sarah Palin is dangerous. And dangerous to more than just moose and caribou. For all that I like Obama and what he stands for, [..]

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