Politics At The Office

Talk about pushing the limits! I got this email from one of the directors at the office where I currently work. Below it you can read my response.

Michael there is no hope for you. Obama will get into office and you along with the rest of us will reap the wonderful rewards of no checks and balances in the congress/senate/presidency. We will “share the wealth” by increasing all kinds of money to welfare because that is what sharing the wealth is. I was always taught growing up that the sky is the limit, life will be what I make of it and I have lived by that motto all of my life. I work hard for everything I have and I want to chose how I spend my money. I do not want the government to spend my money on how they want to give money to people who think they are “initialed” to it verses working for it and give to those people who currently do not pay any taxes as all.

My brother and his wife own their own business. They took the risk, put their home up as collateral and have worked 24hours a day 7 days a week building that business up. I have admired and am very proud of what they have accomplished. Their pay their fair share of taxes now (higher income folks in the US currently pay the 2nd highest tax rate in the world). They have earned everything they have made and I am very proud of them. It’s the American dream and the American way. The government does not deserve any more $ then they currently get from them. Neil & Rausa provide jobs for people and insurance and retirement. I have talked with my brother and he had plans of expansion and is now not proceeding because of the fear of higher taxes because he will not be able to now afford to hire additional people for growth. Ask him what he thinks of Mr Obama.

And fellow readers, here is what I wrote back…

#1 You are believing the fallacy that Obama will raise all taxes.
#2 You can see now where the current Bush and McCain style of leadership is getting us – recession and unemployment
#3 McCain fought for no regulation – this is what caused our current problems and the exact no checks and balances you are talking about
#4 Under McCain you get a $5000 taxable credit for health insurance that right now costs $12,000 plus per year – and that also doesn’t help when you are unemployed.
#5 I agree that I would rather not have the government spend my money. That is why I elect who is in the government.
#6 On the other hand, more important than my money, I do not want the government interfering in my marriage, my wife and daughter’s biology, or sending my son to a false war that had the real design of making the rich guys richer while their sons and daughters don’t fight in the war.

Finally – I agree, there is no hope for me if your hope is that I change to look down on the poor and those who need my help. I have lived my life so as to help others, protect the innocent and stand up for the rights of those who have no voice. I will continue to do so – no matter who is the president.

So, here is my question. Was I out of line in responding? I am just getting very tired of the constant attacks. Plus I only have two more weeks in the office anyway!

Does Your Message Change?

As more people follow your blog, twitter stream, Facebook page, or forum posts do you change the message or the way you talk? Understandably we all have to use different voices depending on the audience. We don’t, or at least shouldn’t, address our grandparents in the same way that we talk to our young friends. And we certainly shouldn’t be talking to the people at work in the same way that we talk to our children – trust me, I have tried it and it isn’t pretty.

The question remains though, do you significantly change your message? If all of a sudden I become aware that some relatively important people are now reading my twits on Twitter, is it appropriate or even wise to change the way I use that medium or what I am saying on it?

On one hand, they must have followed me for a reason. So, if I change to make myself more serious or less controversial then perhaps I am changing away from what they were looking for. On the other hand, maybe they didn’t know what they were getting themselves in to. Maybe I need to clean up my act so that I am more “acceptable” to these people and can hopefully keep them around as followers so that I can get my message out. But then, is it my message if I have changed for them?

Again, you are going to dress up for a job interview, you are going to be quiet in a library, and you are not going to curse around a minister. But, you went into those situations knowing that you would moderate your behavior. If someone enters your environment, of their own will and knowing what lies there, do you change to suit them, or to what you think suits them?

What are your thoughts? I really need to hear you on this one. And thanks for following along!

OK, So That Was Boring

There were no fireworks, no major gaffs, and no great revelations. We Obama supporters are still Obama supporters, the McCain supporters are still McCain supporters, and according to my daughter, Sarah Palin is still a “moose killer.” It is interesting to me how the two sides can watch the same debate and each come out thinking that their candidate slam dunked it. Yes, both side are delusional – myself included.

Here are my few observances from last night’s debate. Yawn Bush is boring First, if John McCain says “my friends” one more time, I am going to go postal. I counted nineteen times last night alone! It is a stupid phrase and sorry, most of us are not your friends.

Second, Obama needs to use people’s names more. When asked questions by the audience he only referred back to that person by name a few times. Bad form.

And speaking of bad form, thirdly, John McCain needs to shake Obama’s hand! He dissed Obama again last night after the debate when they were in the audience. Cindy McCain ended up shaking Obama’s hand, but John McCain turned away. Rude – just as he was rude by walking around trying to distract people while Obama was talking.

Fourth, Barack knows his ears are big. When the “wet behind the ears” comment was made, he should have gone for it and joked about how much water could be behind there! It would have been funny and maybe put everyone at ease a little more.

Fifth and finally, poor Tom Browkaw was powerless. Heck, they even stood in front of the poor man’s teleprompter at the end of the show. For goodness sakes guys, show the guy some love. Or at least a little respect.

So, what are your thoughts? What were your impressions? Did you rip a bumper sticker off your car last night? Or did you stick a new one on? Me? I stuck a new one on . . . . my wife’s car.