The Good Times – Exercise #22

Fast on the heels of my ten favorite foods list from yesterday, today’s exercise is to illuminate you on the best thing that has happened this year. A lack of specifics is what we have here though. Is this supposed to be a calendar year? So, since January 1st? Or is this a full 12 months, so since July 15th of 2012. Maybe this actually means a school year, since it is kind of an educational exercise, but that is even harder since I am not a student and we would be in the middle of summer break anyway.  So let’s say we just do this for the last twelve months, and that will enable me to make my new(ish) job fit the bill.

ILori and David - At lunch and on phonesn December of 2012 I was hired on board as a systems programmer for the Medical University of South Carolina in the pediatrics department. The job is good, the benefits are nice, and the work is interesting, but that is really not what makes this the high point of the year. What makes this job the best thing to happen to me over the past year is that they sought me out for it. Correction, my now-boss sought me out for the job. It means a lot when someone specifically comes to you when you are not even looking for a job and asks you to come to work for them. It tells you that they really could use your skills and would like for you to join their team. For we geeks, so often the last ones picked for teams, that is huge. The fact that Lori, the brilliant and talented person who recruited me, has known me for many many years and would still want me on her team says even more. Continue reading “The Good Times – Exercise #22”

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey – Timeline Exercise #15

The timeline of my day. That is what we are here to talk about. And why? Because that is exercise number 15 in my thirty-one day blog challenge. And for the record, let me say once and for all, when this thirty-one day challenge is over I shall not be doing another one. At least not like this. Goals are fine. Challenges that ask us to go beyond our comfort zone and stretch a bit are fine, but challenges that really don’t have something to be The Drive In During My Timelinegained by the steps as well as the finish are not so fine. That is where I am with this. I am doing this exercise to get my writing muscles back in shape a bit and to develop some regularity to my writing. But, I should have investigated the content of the exercises a bit better before signing on. Because of that I am left doing exercises like “Timeline of your day.” My fault.

Anyway, back to class folks! My timeline varies drastically, as it does for most people, depending on whether or not we are talking about a workday. Since there are 5 workdays per week to every 2 non-workdays, I shall choose to educate you on my normal workday. Only seems fair and democratic.

My basic workday goes something like this:

5:45 am – Get up. I try to get up on time, though occasionally I fail miserably. I use my iPhone as my alarm clock, and every once in a while I forget to set it or have turned the volume off or just sleep through it.  So I get up, take a shower, dig through the laundry baskets for something to wear, curse my lack of matching socks, let the dogs and cats in and out multiple times, and then finally stumble out of the door hopefully by 6:40. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get to my parking garage, therefore our next step is …

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Obama's First Week

I will tell you, I am impressed. There has been a lot of signing this last week. Now some will say that a lot of what President Barack Obama has done this first week is all show, but I entirely disagree. And some will not like some of the things he has signed, such as the closing of Guantanamo, but again I disagree. I cannot remember a president who has taken such strides within his first week of taking office.

This nation, and in fact the world, needs to see clear and decisive signs that there is change. The change that was promised in the election and the change that will refuel our economy, our spirit, and our reputation. Every thing that President Obama has done so far goes directly to those goals. From unequivocally outlawing torture to pushing through the economic stimulus plans, these are things that should not involve waffling or debate. We know how we, the US people, feel about these things and they should be acted on promptly.

I will also tell you this – I feel a change in people’s attitudes. Maybe it is just me or maybe I am just looking for it, but people seem to be encouraged even in this time of economic turmoil. There is a politeness and respect in the air that I haven’t seen since the days after 9/11. Someone suggested that this is also helped along by the good news from the Hudson River where all passengers walked away from that US Air flight. (A flight I have taken more than once, I might add.) But, whatever the reason, there is a welcome change in the air.

It is only the end of the first week though. There is still a long way to go. There are a lot of problems and a lot of hard decisions. Let’s hope we can all stick together, work hard, and put everyone back on the right track. The free bumper stickers, buttons and posters were great, but they will not get the work done. It is up to us, at the grass roots level to make sure that promises are kept and old school, good-old-boy politics does not creep in.

Making The Break

This hereby serves as my official notice – just in case you hadn’t already guessed – I am striking out on my own. Yes, I am leaving my current position and going into business for myself providing computer consulting, development, and instructional services. When I walk out of my office on November 7th, I will be walking into the full time (and more) world of Palmettobug Digital. Oh, and I will be spending the next few days painting and cleaning up the new home office.

There are many reasons for this, but the most important thing is that I am totally excited about the future again. I had gotten down in a lot of ways recently, but the old energy has returned and I am raring to go! I already have a number of clients lined up, including doing some work for my current employer, and I am developing ways to gather more. Every piece of this project – from the marketing to the actual work is engaging to me right now. I am actually finding it hard to go to bed and sleep because my mind keeps racing. Truthfully, I haven’t been this energized in years.

So, please wish me well and stay tuned. Also, please check out my site at and let me know what you think. It is a constantly evolving work in progress. And if you need any of the services I am offering, or know someone who does, I would love to hear from you!

And by the way, love this video!

Keys To Success In Hard Times

The current financial problems both in the US and abroad have all sorts of media types coming out of the woodwork. Some are projecting doom and gloom while others are looking for people or parties to blame. But I am more interested in the articles I see on how to survive and even prosper during these hard times.

One of the main messages being put forth by the articles I read is that attitude will make or break you. If you are a pessimist and decide that things are going to be bad, then they will be. If you are an optimist, look at the bright side, and use that to find the niches and opportunities that work for you, then you can stay afloat.

This is not to say that you can be a happy go-lucky fool and just go about spending and goofing off. No, you still need to pay attention, be careful, and be serious about watching income and expenses. But, by having a positive attitude you will not only be able to see opportunities when they arise, but you will be more attractive to the people who put forth those opportunities. It is unusual circumstances that reward the unconventional thinkers.

You know, a good thing about rough times is that all the people who were just get-rich-quick schemers and opportunists have a tendency to go away. I was once told that one of the best thing about a really tough problem in a job is that it would eliminate those who didn’t know what they were doing and give the really good people a chance to shine. Well this is exactly the same thing with dedicating yourself to what you believe in during hard financial times. Believe me, that dedication and expertise will show, and this will help give you the opportunity to rise to the top.

So remember, the economic environment is the same for all of us, but you have the final say in how you deal with it – optimism or pessimism. The choice, and the result, is up to you.