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Twitter Pointers To Be Taken Seriously

Twitter has taken the Internet by storm in recent months, but there are still a lot of people and businesses who haven’t signed on or who have but [..]

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Handy Utilities

Presented here for your approval are a few handy free web-based utilities that will help with some bothersome tasks. None of these utilities is complicated or difficult to [..]

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Software and Hardware for Non-Profits

If you are involved with a not-for-profit or charity organization of any sort, from school or church to community outreach or civic charity, you know how tight funding [..]

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Why Are You Promoting Someone Else's Business?

When you get your company letterhead printed, would you put an ad for someone else on it? When you answer the phone, would you tell who your phone [..]

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Rules of computing happiness

Thanks to Twitter and a post by @timoreilly, I found a post by @al3x on “Rules for Computing Happiness.” There is some very good stuff in that post. [..]

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