Attend NTEN's Technology Conference from Charleston

NTEN is a great organization for helping non-profits deal with technology in their missions. They have an annual conference which is, unfortunately, too far away for most of us to get to and pay for. This year though you can attend remotely! The Coastal Community Foundation along with The Palmetto Technology Hub are sponsoring remote attendance. Hit this link or the one below to check it out, but suffice it to say that the sessions are valuable, the cost is dirt cheap, and you can pop in and out as much as you like to just attend was is pertinent to your needs.

Eventbrite - NTEN Online



Software and Hardware for Non-Profits

If you are involved with a not-for-profit or charity organization of any sort, from school or church to community outreach or civic charity, you know how tight funding can be and how hard it can be to get the computer equipment and software that you need. What you probably didn’t know is that companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, and Intuit donate millions of dollars in software to organizations just like yours. The problem is just getting your hands on it. That is where TechSoup comes in.

TechSoupTechSoup is an organization dedicated to getting software and hardware to the not-for-profit organizations who need it. They process the requests, do most of the legwork, and get you what you need to get your mission accomplished. Think of this, Microsoft Office for the Mac is normally between $150 and $250. For the processing and licensing fee of $16, your non-profit can get a copy that was donated by Microsoft. Adobe Illustrator, the vector based graphics program, normally would cost you about $300 to $400. The administration fee for Adobe Illustrator is just $55.

And TechSoup can also help you get hardware and training. If you look on their site you will find everything from training material teaching you how to use the technology to discussion boards where other nonprofit organizations help each other. Recent posting have covered topics as diverse as electing the right accounting program for a church to how to reduce paper use to control costs and how to write a grant proposal to get new camera equipment for schools.

The resources are out there. If you are a non-profit, you can’t afford not to check them out. And while you are on the site, subscribe to their newsletter! It is stocked full of great tips, recent offerings, and the latest news.

Donating Your Old Computer Securely

Please remember that I will be more than happy to help you clean up those old PCs and Macs and make them available to charities and not-for-profits in the area at no charge. If you want to donate your old computer, I will securely erase all of your information from the hard drive, make sure the hardware is in good working order, install useful legitimate software such as anti-virus and office suites, and then pass those machines on to worthy causes in the Low Country. All of this is done at no charge to make sure good machines don’t end up contributing to hazard waste, to insure that those in need get the technology help they deserve, and also to make sure your sensitive information doesn’t leak into the wrong hands. If your not sure if your machine is up to the task, or if you have something other than a PC or Mac, just give a call or email. I am sure we can move Old Faithful along to a needy nonprofit correctly.

Your donations to charity really help!