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Christmas On Track

Christmas time has come and gone again, and I did quite well in the gift department. I got all kinds of great things from friends and family. I [..]

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Lionel Artist Angela Trotta Thomas In Charleston

Stepping a bit outside of my own model train news, I would just like to relate that a great event for train lovers, art lovers, and Christmas train [..]

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What I Miss

We moved a few weeks ago. Moved out of a house that we had lived in for more than twenty-one years. The move wasn’t for the best of [..]

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Cigar Box Home at Christmas

When most people think of cigar boxes they don’t think of anything near this nice. But cigars today often come in boxes of very fine woodwork that make [..]

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Christmas Fun

My new desk is fast becoming a gathering spot for little toys. Seems the spirit of Christmas means time for fun. A dancing flower, musical slingshot reindeer and [..]

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