On Facebook but not Twitter? Stop, you need both!

twitter vs facebookSo you’re using Facebook, but you’re still not sure about Twitter? A lot of people think that because of their Facebook presence, Twitter would be redundant for them. I think I know why they feel that way. I believe it has a lot to do with Twitter’s status update prompt: “What’s happening?” They see a few folks who use those precious few 140 characters to share the mundane details of daily life and they think, “Wait, don’t I already do that on Facebook?” And they’re right. Except that this isn’t what you should do on Twitter. Twitter has a higher calling, as it were, which is great to be a part of once you understand a few key points. Make no mistake, I don’t THINK you should be on Twitter. I KNOW you should be there.

Much as I love and use it now, I readily admit at first I didn’t “get” Twitter. I don’t think most people do, initially. If you joined Facebook first, then Twitter may seem limited by comparison. Yet, Twitter in my opinion is by far a better medium to get really useful information from reliable sources on just about any topic of interest quickly and efficiently. Its brevity, which novices can find limiting and even frustrating, is its best and most valuable feature. Each tweet is easy to digest, can be easily shared, and the short bursts of info enable you to cover more “ground” quickly. The symbols and shorthand are easy to learn and use once you visit the site a few times. I use it both as communication and research tool. By following those individuals, organizations, and companies who have content of interest to you, you’ll find it an invaluable and virtually unlimited resource platform to use for your personal and professional benefit and that of others. Have a complaint about a company on Twitter? You’ll likely get a response in hours, if not minutes. Want to stay abreast of current events? Often the first place I learn of breaking events is Twitter. Other mediums are slow by comparison. Have insights to share? Tweet it. Looking for a job? Post a link to your resume. The possibilities are endless.

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Taming the MONSTER that is your Facebook profile

Social StrategiesFacebook. Where else can you keep up with friends and family, play games, learn which of your favorite restaurants are having specials, have great discussions, and so much more – all in one place? If you’ve been there awhile, you know that as you add friends and “like” business pages, there will be that much more information appearing in your news feed to manage. As these numbers continue to grow, how can you keep up with it all easily and effectively?

I’ve found one particular feature very helpful, and recommend those of you not using it already to try it: Lists. Here’s a how-to, along with ways I use it to my benefit myself and others:

  1. On your Home Page in the left hand column, click ‘Friends’. A list will appear with all your friends’ profiles and your Fan pages.
  2. To the upper right, there is a tab ‘Create List.’
  3. When you click this option, a box opens which enables you to give your list a title, and then add friends and/or fan pages there to each list you create.

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Why Should Businesses Have Both a Website and Facebook Page

Guest post by Liz DeLoach from Social Strategies.

If you spend any time on Facebook, doubtless you’ve noticed all the business pages that are springing up. I bet you’re already a fan of several. Restaurants, retail establishments, hotels and numerous others find Facebook a great way to “reach out and touch someone” (currently, over 400 million some ones!). Given its many functions which allow you to add pictures, events, applications, etc., have we reached a point where your business no longer needs a Website if you have a Facebook page?

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