A Gift of Trains

What a great way to begin an otherwise dreary morning. Walk into work and find out that a caring coworker has brought you a gift of trains! Yup, a nice collection of N Scale trains to go with my collection. Of course I had to play with them for a while. Darnit, why don’t I have any track at work!?!

These were brought to me by my buddy David Geddings – of running fame. He is a good friend who is trying to help me lose some weight and get at least a little fit. Well … when he isn’t having us go by cupcake restaurants on our lunchtime walks. Anyway, he used to do a bit of N Scaling a while back, but now between his dog and cat rescues, running, wifely devotion, helping run the kids program at his church, and a myriad of other things he just doesn’t have the time. So. much m surprise and excitement, he decided to pass along his collection to me. Oh happy day!

There are some very cool locomotives in there – like the CSX and Chessie Systems ones. I am a love of the Seaboard Air Line and allĀ predecessorĀ and descendent lines. These fit in perfectly. And there are the CSX boxcars, L&N cars, and even a Southern Railway car or two.

I tell ya people, a thoughtful gift like this goes a long way to helping a train guy have a great day. Of course I guess this means I really do need to pick up the check for some of those lunch and cupcake stops we make. And I might even be able to dig out a few more tradable Disney World pins for him. What? You didn’t know that I used to be a Disney pin collector? And now most of that collection is passing on to … David.