Books Read

A while back I used to keep a list on this site of all the books I bought. I will tell you honestly, I love buying books. Books make me happy. But there can be quite a big difference between the books I buy and the books I read.

I own lots of books that I will never read. They may be collectible editions that I want to keep pristine (so I might have a reading copy and a collectible copy), or they might be reference books that I will read snips and snatches of, but not the whole thing. I also read slowly, so I tend to buy far in advance of my ability to read.

On the other hand, I borrow books from the library and services such as Scribd that I never plan on owning. This is especially true for audiobooks. I know I will never listen to an audiobook twice, so why own it? Even if I do own it, it is a digital file somewhere and the purchase of that honestly doesn’t feel the same as buying a book.

What all this ends up meaning is that the list of books I read is much different from the list of books I buy. So, I decided to start listing out the books I read. Yes, I can and do use services like GoodReads, but I just like the idea of having this all-too-small list here on my own website in simple form.

So, here you have it, in order by when read. The books with an asterisk by them are still in-process.