Publications & Presentations

Presentations & Speaking Engagements

WordPress – Don’t Get Hacked!To be delivered May, 17 2014, Charleston, SC, at WordCampCHS – Charleston. Please check out the WordCampCHS site for more information about this day long WordPress event.

Model Railroading in the 21st Century – November 10, 2012. BarCampCHS, Charleston, SC. This talk covered what is happening in the model railroad community with the advent of computerization, 3-D printing, virtualization, and much more. Slides for this presentation are available at SlideShare.

Introduction To DotNetNuke – November 10, 2012. BarCampCHS, Charleston, SC. This talk covered the basics of setup and use for this OpenSource content management system for the Windows platform. Slides for this presentation are available at SlideShare.

A History of Charleston’s Trolleys – May 2012. Charleston Country Library, Charleston, SC. This talk covered a the brief but important history of trolleys and streetcars in Charleston from the late 1880s to the mid-1930s. Slides for this presentation are available at SlideShare.

WordPress Setup and Security – December 13, 2011, Charleston, SC. Presented for the WordPress User Group of Charleston. Description and slides for the presentation are available on the group’s site.

Tech Tips for Non-Profits – November 8, 2011, Charleston, SC. Presented for the Charleston County Library’s Non-Profit and Small Business Lunch and Learn series.

DIY Social Media Class – Session 1: Facebook – November 16, 2010, Charleston, SC. A half-day class to get attendees up and running on FaceBook with fan pages and custom landing pages.

Podcasting 101 November 13, 2010. BarCampCHS, Charleston, SC. This talk covered what it takes to create a basic podcast, encode it correctly, publish it to the web, and get it listed in the iTunes directory. We discussed recording equipment, editing software for the Mac and Windows, the workflow to produce a podcast, and what you need to make your podcast compatible with the widest variety of playback devices. A brief discussion of this talk was published by Yahoo on their developer’s blog.

WordPress Setup and Configuration November 13, 2010. BarCampCHS, Charleston, SC. This talk covered how to do an installation of the WordPress software to your own server, set the basic settings, and how to add security against spammers and hacking. This session was aimed at people who have basic computer knowledge, a desire to have their own WordPress installations, but who are not PHP or WebDesign professionals.

Building Blocks of Better Blogs September 25, 2010. Type-A Mom Conference, Asheville, NC. This talk covered the basics of the different blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and Moveable Type. I also spent time discussing security and backup measures to protect your blog from hacking or downtime.

Tools To Manage Twitter and Other Social Media Streams April 13, 2010. Charleston County Library’s networking lunch. This was covered by the local CBS affiliate and you can see the story online.

Social Media – Using Social Media To Stay In Touch With and Grow Your Congregation March 20, 2010. The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center advisers workshop.

Technology Outlook – The More Things Change, The More Fun It Gets! February 26, 2010. Institute of Management Accountants regional meeting.

Social Media for the Tourism Industry February 2, 2010. Panel discussion with Bing Pan, Ph.d., at the College of Charleston.

Books (the links are to

Peter Norton’s Guide to Visual Basic 6 for Windows – Peter Norton, Michael Groh. (Published 1998) I authored the two chapters on web development (chapters 23 & 24)

Selling the Dream : How to Promote Your Product, Company, or Ideas-And Make a Difference-Using Everyday Evangelism -Guy Kawasaki. (Published 1992) I proofread the book, added comments and ideas, and am credited with helping out. It as a privilege and an honor to work with Guy Kawasaki.


Question and Answer on PC Issues: The Daniel Island News – November 18, 2009.


How to Save in an After-Hours Emergency in SmartMoney, October 13, 2010.

How To Tweet Your Small Business in The San Francisco Chronicle, May 6, 2010.

The Lowdown On Gadget Protection in SmartMoney, May 6, 2010.

5 Reasons to Buy Gadget Protection in SmartMoney, January 10, 2010.

5 Tips: Back-to-School Netbook Shopping in SmartMoney, August 26, 2009.

Magazine Articles

Crystal Enterprise 8.0 (Review) – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, May 24, 2001.

Millennium Wrap-up – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, January 1, 2000.

Pilot Software – Pilot Balanced Scorecard (Review) – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, October 26, 1999.

Quest Software – Vista Plus (Review) – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, October 5, 1999.

BEA – WebLogic(Review) – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, August 1999.

Actuate (Review) – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, May 1999.

Prism Executive Suite (Review) – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, February 1999.

Beyond Version 1.0 – 1998 in Review – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, December 1998.

NetDynamics – Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, November 1998.

KisMeta Validator 1.1 (Review) – Validator is a standards tool that lets you set up, disseminate, and enforce standards. It contains a database of standards in the form of naming conventions, data type standards, and field specifications. DBMS Magazine: September, 1998 (Vol. 11, Num 9) Page 27

Borland JBuilder Client/Server Suite (Review) – Jbuilder Client/Server Suite is Borland’s new Java database development tool that includes Borland’s database middleware and other database tools. DBMS Magazine: February, 1998 (Vol. 11, Num 2) Page 31

WebSpeed 2.0 (Review) – Progress Software’s WebSpeed is a development tool and transaction server that lets you develop, deploy and maintain powerful enterprise-class transaction-processing applications. DBMS Magazine: November, 1997 (Vol. 10, Num 12) Page 33

Netiva (Review) – Netiva lets users create multi-user relational databases that are automatically networked and instantly deployable on intranets. DBMS Magazine: August, 1997 (Vol. 10, Num 9) Page 32

Applet Designer (Review) – Applet Designer is a Visual Basic add-in that converts new or existing VB applications into Java applets. DBMS Magazine: June, 1997 (Vol. 10, Num 7) Page 33


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