A Moral Dilemma

I have a real crisis of action and conscience on my hands. This will affect not only how I appear, but how I am perceived by other people. The question is this – how long do I leave the Obama bumper sticker on my car? Don’t laugh! This is serious. We have all seen the people with bumper stickers from an election two or three presidents ago, and it just makes those cars look ridiculous. Is the problem that the sticker won’t come off? Is the driver thinking there might be a recount? Was that the last time the car was washed? Or is the owner just living in either euphoria or denial?

Free Obama Sticker

I want to leave the Obama sticker on my car long enough for people to know who I supported for President and that I am happy that he won. But I don’t want to gloat either. That would be bad form and not at all in line with the bridge building we need to do. And the election is over – for the most part. Maybe I should leave the sticker on the bumper until the Electoral College does its thing. That would be the surest end, right? Or maybe I should just wait until the inauguration in January. That way during the end of the current administration my car would point to the next administration.

Or maybe I should just do it now. Get that sticker off the bumper, give the car a good wash, and move on with my life and my work. What do you thing? How long until you get tired of seeing all the election paraphernalia?