Automotive Rescue Gear

Before I went up to Asheville to retrieve Roxy, I started making a list of those things I should take with me. It really made me think about what might go wrong and what I might need. I told my daughter that in many ways this had changed over the years. When I used to go haul back cars twenty to twenty-five years ago I would haul along all sorts of tools and spares and such. These days the two basic necessities are a credit card and a cellphone. With those two things you can always call and get yourself out of trouble. But, other than relying on the cavalry coming to rescue you, what tools and supplies would you take with you. Of course it depends on the type of beast you are reviving, but here is my basic list. Please let me know what you think and what else you might consider.

Road Trip / Car Retrieval Stash


fuel hose

assorted clamps

fuel filter

fuses and bulbs


oil and brake fluid


belts and hoses


gasket in a tube

coat hanger

distributor tune-up parts

at least one spark plug wire – the longest

paper funnels

rubber gloves

duct tape

assorted wrenches

vice grips

assorted screw drivers




tow rope

paper towels



By the way, I did take a lot of that to Asheville. I ended up needing the fuel line and screw driver. I didn’t have the paper towels with me, but luckily there were some in the trunk. While up there I bought some Windex to thoroughly clean the windows, mirrors, and instrument glass.

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