Can I Take Your Picture?

Why you ask? Well sorry, but it isn’t because you are so downright beautiful. Well, actually it might be if I knew who you were or if you are who I hope you are? (Geez, that was awkward.) Back to the point though, it is actually because I finally bought my new camera.

I am now the very proud owner of a Nikon D40x digital SLR. This is a very cool camera that came highly recommended by many sources. So far, it is living up to those recommendations. The picture of Oreo the hamster below was taken with this camera. Unfortunately I have been working too much to get out and test it out. And now, just in time for the weekend that I was going to use to really give the thing a workout, it starts to rain. And rain. And pour.

Hopefully the weather will clear up either later Saturday or Sunday, but in the meantime I will content myself with reading the manual, taking a few indoor shots, and browsing the Nikonians newsgroups and old issues of their on-line magazine.