Football + Politics = Stupidity

I think there is a war going on, right? We have troops fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Gas prices are at the highest we have seen in years – if ever. The credit and mortgage industries are in a tailspin and the economy is looking bleak. Oh, and don’t forget that there are natural disasters all over the world and even our own Gulf Coast and New Orleans still need a lot of help. So what does Senator Arlen Specter believe we should be spending time and money on? The NFL.Spying on Football

Yup, Arlen Specter, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee wants NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to explain why the league destroyed evidence related to spying by the New England Patriots. With everything else going on in this country and in the world, who the hell cares if one football team spies on another? Why should we be spending a dime of our taxes for a U.S. senator and / or senate committee to look at this? What a freaking waste.

Now I am not saying that people who do wrong should get away with it, but lets have some semblance of sense about this. Football is a game. A serious game for many, but a game. The NFL has a ruling body to oversee what goes on. That should be about it. The baseball steroid abuse investigations are hard enough for me to take, but at least we are talking about drugs and people’s health. Here we are talking about a glorified Peeping Tom recording the signals of another team to help give them an advantage on the field. Big whoop.

This really just goes to show you why we are paying so much in taxes, why nothing real is being done with that tax money, and why we really need a change in government. Can we return our politicians and get our money back? I want a refund.