Great Read – What To Do If Your Twitter Account Gets Suspended

Suspended Twitter Account

It was with this sunny outlook that I arose Sunday morning and checked in on Twitter. I love Twitter, and regard it as one of the most useful social media tools, which you already know if you read my last Blog post. Coffee in hand, I logged in, ready to do all the things Twitterphobes and Social Media Managers love to do.

And there it was – and I admit to a bit of hyperbole here – what I now affectionately call the Red Text Rectangle of Death. This Twitter account had been SUSPENDED.

Friends, it gets better – this was a CLIENT account.

For the rest of this story, and more importantly some great pointers on what to do if it happens, head on over to the Social Media Strategies site by Liz DeLoach. Let me tell you this – I was right there with her during the process and it was something you need to prepare for.

So go now, before you get the “Red Text Rectangle of Death“!