It’s Not My Scale

Yes, I know that G is not my scale. I don’t have a garden railway and don’t have plans for one at the moment. And there is no way I have enough room inside the house to set up such a large scale operation. But, all of that aside, I have wanted one of these LGB New Orleans Streetcarstreetcars since they first came out. They are simply gorgeous and are getting harder and harder to come by. So when I was able to buy one at a very good price, far below the going market, I had to snap it up. Much to my wife’s chagrin I might add.

The LGB 20380 New Orleans Streetcar was produced back in 2004 and is a hefty model of the cars made by the Perley A. Thomas Car Works of North Carolina. The model, which is nearly 2 feel long and basically 1:26 scale features, “weather-resistant construction, factory-installed onboard decoder for MTS and analog operation, opening doors, four-way power control switch, protected gearbox with seven-pole Bühler motor, eight powered wheels, twelve power pickups, voltage stabilization circuit with surge protection, and automatic directional lighting.”

I would love to create a street scene like diorama for it, and eventually would like to have a nice circuit for it in the yard. But, as neither of those things are in the cards right now, it will live in my office where I can admire the lines and imagine the sights and smells of New Orleans.