Let's Not Get Physical – Exercise #10

I’ve got to admit it. I am tired. The problem with writing that rant of over a thousand words on branding and such is that it wasn’t my exercise. It was extra. Now I have to do my exercise or I will get my knuckles rapped by the dominatrix of word count. (Now there is a mental image for you.)  So, for exercise number ten we shall be discussing why my cat stares at Cat Stares at Pictureblank walls. Wait, no, we are actually discussing “What’s your best physical feature?” Ha! At least this will be a quick post to write – well after I figure out if I have any decent physical feature at all.

Damn, this is hard. Not only am I going to have to do a bit of introspection to overcome all those body self-image things we all supposedly have. But then I have to figure out which ones of them are true or not so I can decide what the best, or least bad, of my physical features is. It sure would have been easier to talk about the cat staring at the wall. Why do they do that anyway?

All right, all right, back to physical features. I am going to be a coward and say my best physical feature is my height. I like being over six feet tall. 6’2″ to be exact. I don’t like a lot of the rest of me including the normal complaints of weight, hairline, MPAL (Male Pattern Ass Loss), and so on. So it is kind of unfair that as I get older I will probably get shorter, or perhaps I already am. Not saying that there is anything at all wrong with being short, you know as in shorter than me, but I do like being a little on the high side of the vertical curve.

Honestly, I really don’t have much else to say on the entire physical feature issue. I don’t hate my body, though at times I think it hates me, but I don’t have major parts of it I love, admire, or think are best. Just call me democratic in regards to body parts – I consider them all equal under the law. And I hope they will just continue working as a single cohesive unit.

[Note: If any of you think I put the reference to my cat staring at the picture in this post just so that I could use that photo in a way that would be otherwise totally un-connected, well … it’s my damn website so why not?]