Limited Edition TrainBoard Car

Just a quick picture of the two limited edition boxcars I got in the mail this past weekend. These are part of a run of only 300 cars produced by TrainBoard, which is a forum site I hang out on that caters to both model railroaders and full-sized railfans alike.

When the box came, I must say that I was actually quite surprised. I had thought about purchasing two of the cars (we “collectors” always get two of everything), but really didn’t remember doing so. I am going senile? Did I go back and purchase the second one at a later time and not remember? Was there some mistake in shipping meaning that I would need to send one back?  I finally did the only reasonable thing – I emailed the guy in charge and asked him!  Turns out, according to this thread, that I had won the second car and didn’t even know about it. Too cool!

Limited Edition Trainboard Cars

And yes, I know that these cars have nothing to do with any of the variety of different eras or locations that I am modeling. I purchased one, and that is why only one, to support the board that I frequent. Hopefully in the future there will be a run of something I can really use and that fits in. Maybe something from the Charleston & Western Carolina Railway?