My Desk Setup – At The Moment

I do not always have this much technology on my desk, but often times I do. This particular setup was due to the fact that I was doing a telephone interview with the Gullah Geechee News, immediately followed by administrating a webinar on WordPress for the Palmetto Technology Hub. At the same time I need to keep tabs on my email in case anything with those two events came up, and I needed to be able to quickly look up information on the web without disturbing the recording of the webinar. Whew!
My Desk Setup
What you see in the picture….

  1. MacBook computer. This is one of the earlier models before they were renamed to “MacBook Pro”. It has been upgraded to 4 gig of memory and a 500 gig harddrive. I love this machine! You can see the control panel for the webinar on screen.
  2. Dell 20″ monitor. External monitor hooked to the MacBook both so I have dual screens and to help my bad eyes. This is where the actual webinar is running and being captured by ScreenFlow.
  3. Apple iPad. I was using this to check my email and look up web references. The screen up that you see in the picture is Twitter, where I was doing some tweeting about the webinar. Trying to build excitement!
  4. LG Ally Android phone. I know, what is an Apple fan doing with an Android phone? Well, when I got it Verizon had yet to get the iPhone, and I needed to be on Verizon. The phone is there because I had just gotten off the phone interview mentioned above and, I will admit it, a friend was sending me text messages.
  5. Snowball USB microphone by Blue. This is the fantastic microphone that I use for podcasting and other quality vocal recordings.
  6. Apple external keyboard. This is what I used for the MacBook when it is up in its raised stand. I also have one of the newer aluminum bluetooth keyboards, but I carry it in my bag to use with the iPad. I find this older style keyboard much more comfortable for long periods of typing at my desk.
  7. Logitech cordless mouse. Gotta have a mouse! Actually I prefer trackballs, but my kids lost the ball out of mine. You can insert your own joke here. Until I find a new trackball I like, or the ball for my existing one, it is the mouse for me. And yes, that is a MINI mouse pad.
  8. Backup harddrive. Not the cup, the cup is #9.  The backup harddrive is a 1 terabyte drive that I use via TimeMachine with my Mac to do onsite backup. I also do offsite backup with Mozy, DropBox and Zumo. Yes, I am a doubly redundant person.
  9. Diet Coke. You have to have  a drink if you are going to be sitting at the computer for a long time, right? And the insulated mug keeps it cooler longer. Yes, it is a Disney World mug – one that you would buy and get unlimited free refills. They lost money on me. At least with the drinks.
  10. Body glove earphones with microphone. These are what I use with my cell phone. I really don’t like wearing one of those little bluetooth earpieces, and a lot of times I actually listen to podcasts and such with my phone. The nice thing is these work with my phone, my iPod and my iPad. I use the with my iPad for Skype occasionally.
  11. Well, there actually isn’t a number by it, but if you look closely you will see the little MGB car model on the desk near the microphone. I have to keep my toys close at hand.

So, what’s on your desk?