My Problem With Moleskines

MoleskineMoleskines these days often seem to be more of a fashion statement, like the Apple sticker on the back of the car, or status symbol than anything else. But I love mine none-the-less. If you are a fellow addict, check out this article on ranking your addiction. It is not the popularity or the fashion that I have a problem with. What bugs me to death is that I have no easy way of carrying a pen or pencil with it.

I have a small pen that I am using that came with some other notepad, but it is bulky. It is shorter than a normal pen and has a nice chrome finish, but is is about the same diameter of a standard ballpoint. That means that it either has to sit on the outside of my Moleskine and therefor gets caught up in everything else in my pocket, or if it is on the inside of the notebook it bulges and warps the cover. What I really need is a flat pen or pencil. Either that or there needs to be a slot on the spine of the Moleskine for a writing instrument to slip into.

Oh the trials and tribulations of life! If you have a recommendation for pen, pencil, or other scribing tool please let me know. And by the way, I peeled the Apple sticker off my car.