N-Scale ALCO RS-3 Locomotive Body

Just a quick update to note that I received in the mail today a body shell I bought off eBay for an ALCO RS-3. The Seaboard Air Line had quite a good number of these, as listed here and here, and it should be perfect to go on the SAL layout I am planning depicting the area around Charleston and the Grove Street station in downtown Charleston. This just happens to be the line that ran very near my house when I was quite young. I may also end up getting an RS-2, but for the moment building this one and the doodlebug I have planned should keep me busy.

ALCO RS3 Body Kit


In the end, what I am hoping this will look like is an engine I vaguely remember from my youth. In reality, I have no idea if I ever really saw this, but it feels right!

ALCO RS3 Seaboard Air Line