OK, That Just Hurts . . .

So my daughter see today that I have a website and she asks why. I told her that it is for posting ideas, insights, news, photos, and things like that which people might be interested in. “OK”, she says, “but do people talk to you on it?” She pressed the question. So I had to admit, no, they really don’t. I don’t get many comments. Then came the real question, “so why do you do it?”

That hurt. Why do I keep writing and posting when I don’t get a lot of feedback. Well, I do know that people read my sites because I see the traffic reports. The hits tell me people are visiting if even for just a short time. But, what about the no feedback? No comments? Well, I do get the occasional comment. I every once in a while I get an email. But more importantly I get to get these ideas out of my system. Writing them down here is simply cathartic. By getting them out of my system I think I feel better and, in general, less cluttered.

So, if you would like to leave a comment, I would appreciate it. But if you chose not to I will understand. And I will keep writing and posting. Oh, and in answer to her other question, no, I would not prefer to used MySpace. Even though I do have an account there.