Pat Stuckart’s Photography

I have recently been working with a friend and co-worker of mine, Pat Stuckart, to get his photography website up and running. If you check it out at, I am sure that you will be impressed with his work.

Beresford Creek Course at Sunrise

Some of his work, like the picture above, is very scenic. These pictures were taking around the South Carolina Lowcountry, mostly on Daniel Island or in downtown Charleston.

Other of his pieces, like the one below, are abstract. This is from his collection that he calls “Stuck-Art” and represent some very impressive interpretations and colorations. This collection was the focus of a gallery show he had a few months go at a gallery shop on Folly Beach.


Anyway, please give them a look. All of his work is available for purchase on the site. Pat also teaches digital photography and digital editing at one of the local colleges.

And finally, for those of you who are technically inclined, all of the current images up on his website were taken with a Nikon D70. He has just ordered a Nikon D80 though, so we should start to see some of the fruits of that in the very near future.