Random Anger

There are a number of thing building up to make me mad right now. Madness, anger, frustration… pretty much any term you used to describe it. So, here are the top 5.

5. Neil Gaiman’s new book “The Graveyard Book” has been out for almost a week and I still don’t have a copy yet. I simply love Gaiman’s work and I have been waiting for this for months. Frustrating!

4. People who don’t or won’t vote. Everything from apathy to protesting is their excuse. Do they know what a right and a privilege it is to be able to vote? To have such a thing and throw it away is inexcusable.

3. Celebrities. Why do people care who is doing who and who is gay or straight? This obsession with celebrities and the beautiful few is corruptive, disruptive, and obscene. What happened to real news and real thought?

2. The financial bailout. OK, this just burns me. They approved it and the stock markets are still down and gas prices are still up. If we were going to spend that money, just give it to all of us tax payers to spend! We could have bought groceries, paid our mortgages, and refueled the economy. Instead, we are all screwed.

1. Our election process. I am for Obama, but that doesn’t mean I think McCain is the root of all evil. He is a good man, I just disagree with him. Why does our election process have to demonize the candidates? Why do the candidate’s staff do this. It is wrong, immoral, and makes it very hard for unity to take place after the elections.

OK, I will go take my meds and try to relax. But, I want to hear what is ticking you off! Maybe if I hear some other opinions I will be able to realize that mine aren’t so bad.

Thanks for listening!