Roxy’s Trip to the Plantation

Well, it wasn’t a very long trip, but Roxy did get out. I had a team building retreat from work on Thursday and it took place at Middleton Plantation not too far from my house. So on the way by I dropped off the Sebring, changed clothes, and picked up Roxy. She loved getting out and ran fine!


Seems like everyone really liked her. (By the way, the big guy with no hair in the great sweat jacket in that photo is me.) The most interesting turn of events was that I found out that one of the men I work for, the real head of our company, owns a 1976 automatic ’02! That was a complete surprise. His mother-in-law bought it new in 1976 and it has been in the family ever since.

Hopefully this weekend I will get some real time to sort out the gear shift and brake lights. Then I can start driving her even more.

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