Rules of computing happiness

Thanks to Twitter and a post by @timoreilly, I found a post by @al3x on “Rules for Computing Happiness.” There is some very good stuff in that post. And while a lot of it is aimed at the geekier among us, there are a few that stand out for everyone. The first three fall into that category…

  1. Use as little software as possible.
  2. Use software that does one thing well.
  3. Do not use software that does many things poorly.

Too many times I see people with tons of software on their computers and much of it interferes with some other piece of software. Or they buy Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition with Multimedia Extensions … because they need a word processor. If all you need is a word processor, then buy just that, and not everything else.

There are a bunch of other good ideas on that list. Again, it is aimed at the geekier among us and at Mac users, but I really believe all computer users can take something away from it.

Do you have any more rules or ideas for computing happiness? Please share with us and hopefully we can all be a bit happier in our digital relations.